As introduced ourself pre-here, We located at Zhangjiagang City in Yangtze River Delta of China, the most economical developed area of the world. Next to SHANGHAI, NANJING, SUZHOU, WUXI, WUHAN, HANGZHOU and many other progressive cities.

Based on this Area, we can solve almost all of the production inquriment from yours. we easy to find good suppliers and check the goods quanlity, of course easy to management its transportation to you.

The other important part of your business is the packing include its designation. Cuase we have our Biz-culture media enterprise too, so we have the ability for offer this kind of service to you too. Their are a whole industrial links of goods searching, Biz talking and go done of the deal, then finished the packing discussing and producing, finally take the goods to your hands.

We offer many kinds of products to our clients, especially on daily life fileds. At present we mainly mentioned to Medical equipment, Kinds of Glolve products and a newest decoration production wall panel...

  • Gloves
  • TPE
  • CPE
  • EVA
  • LDPE
  • HDPE
  • PVC(Vinyl)
  • PVC Glove Series


  • TPE Glove Series


  • LDPE Glove Series


Health Comes From Care...

Quality Comes From Responsibility...

Allstar also offer many other production projects as fllow

Attention: All of this production images are authorised from our partner suppliers, please not copy and use them if no have the promission of us, or will be blamed. Thank you!

Recommend Ceremoniously

Wall Panel Products series

  • Wall Panel Series


  • Classic Cases


  • Classic Cases


  • Wall Panel Series


  • Classic Cases


  • AT-VD6-109


  • Wall Panel Series


  • Classic Cases


  • Wall Panel Series


  • Classic Cases


  • Classic Cases

    Inner Mongolia

  • Wall Panel Series


We appreciate to hear from your inquirement and suggestions on our production projects, not only order to us, but also if you need our help to find some good suppliers for you directly, or do you the favor of checking the suppliers ablity and so on. 

When you need our help on Business in China mainland, just contact us directly.

We also welcome that if you have the potential production projects suit for exporting to China, Please contact Us, We will check and investigation the projects if will running better in China mart and to achieve it.

Hope every customers as you will be our business partners in the furture. Thanks for your attention to us!