Every grain is precious, Our younger generation can't forget it

Release time:2021-05-26 16:13

Hearing the news of the death of the great man, couldn't help crying. Maybe Mr. Yuan is too great in our mind, so great that we forget that he is over ninety years old, Forgetting that great men can also have life and death.   

Did not see him, but received his favor. For three meals a day, those who are full should always remember Mr.Yuan. Academician Yuan Longping has seen the appearance of not having enough food with his own eyes, and his lifelong pursuit is to keep everyone away from hunger. The rice we take for granted was the gift of Mr. Yuan life's hard work. It turned out that have a good meal is not only the mother's words, but also the simplest and most straightforward memorial to Mr.Yuan.

Put the people in your heart, and the people will take you up. When the people in Changsha saw off on both sides of Yuan Lao's hearse, I thought of the text "Mourning for the premier minister along the Ten-li Long Street." in the Chinese textbook. Over the years, such a scene reappeared. Both are great men who have made great contributions to the China, and the people will never forget them. Seeing young mothers taking their children to mourn Mr. Yuan and telling the story to their children, they couldn't help to be touched. The great man's feats will be passed on from generation to generation and live forever in the hearts of the people.

Inherit the legacy and work hard. Mr. Yuan went, and turned into the "Yuan Longping Star" numbered 8117, guiding the younger generation to move forward. Last year’s medical aid to Hubei included post-80s, post-90s, and even post-00s. Among the retrograde fire fighters, many were in their early 20s. There were also many young volunteers. Time flies, the years have changed, and the backbone of the Chinese nation has always existed. What is more gratifying is that young people have begun to take responsibility, and young people have taken over the mantle of the older generation and bravely moved forward. The country has hope, the nation has faith, and the people have power! Mr. Yuan "dream will definitely come true!

Every grain is precious, the younger generation will not forget. Many of us may not be great people, but we can remember our ancestors, love the motherland, love the people. Let us turn our grief into strength, have a good meal, live a serious life, be a kind ordinary person, and become a better version of ourselves.

                                                                                                                                                              the picture from @鸟鸟鸟-日肝三万

Eternal repose to Mr. Yuan! the people love you!

We continue to chase your dreams!

Farewell to Academician Yuan Longping! Tribute to the backbone of the country!

—— Advise those who have eaten too much to feel hunger deep in the mountains first, and then come to re-acquaint the next generation of scholars-Yuan Longping!

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