A memory on tomb-sweeping day

Release time:2021-04-02 15:12

Tomb-sweeping Day is coming!Tomb-sweeping and Outings are two traditional customs on Tomb-sweeping Day.People usually go to sweep the graves of ancestors, commemorate their ancestors; Then go out for an outing enjoy the spring.Tomb-sweeping and outings can greatly raise and awaken the common memory of the family, and promote the cohesion and identity of the family members and even the nation. Outings can let people get close to nature and enjoy the fun of spring.

In recent years, in addition to ancestor worship and spring outing, people will also spontaneously go to the martyrs cemetery to present flowers, remembering these heroes who defend the country.

Do you still remember Wang Wei? Twenty years ago, a US spy plane intruded into China's coastal waters and viciously rammed a fighter plane flown by pilot Wang Wei, who was tracking the aircraft. As a result, the Chinese plane crashed and the pilot Wang Wei was sacrificed. At the time, the United States bullied our military weakness without even a formal apology, and the American pilots were honored when they returned home.

Close to the Tomb-Sweeping Day of this year 2021, in addition to flowers, there are aircraft carrier model, "J-20" and "J-15" presented on martyr Wang Wei's grave, which are the best proof that heroes stay in our heart. Twenty years passed, Today, as Wang Wei hoped, China's navy ranks among the top in the world in terms of strength, PLAN Liaoning, PLAN Shandong and PLAN Nanchang have joined the PLA Navy successively, We will never be humiliated like that, our self-improvement is the best comfort to the heroes.

Heroes are never far away, we will never forget! Remembering our martyrs and moving forward.

"The United States has no right to talk down to China, the Chinese people do not buy that", "The United States should change this old habit", on March 18th and 19th, China and The United States held high-level talks in Alaska, Chinese side was emboldened to get tough with the United States. 120 years have passed, China is no longer the age of ignorant and corrupt as the Manchu Qing Dynasty.

When BCI organized a boycott of Xinjiang cotton, all Chinese spokespersons terminated their contracts with BCI members’ brands. This is China's attitude! The door to China is open, but these foreign brands cannot make money from the Chinese while slandering China at the same time. Clean white cotton can not be discredited! Chinese cotton is soft, but our Chinese people are hard enough!

Yes, we cannot tolerate any behavior that stigmatizes China, and we have the confidence to say no to any injustice.

China is so powerful now, Heroes, Do you see it?

We live so well now, Ancestors, Do you feel relieved? This prosperous time, as you wish!

Recalling the past, remembering the ancestors, and We're striving to improve our own generation!

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