Times make heroes, salute each hard struggle you!

Release time:2020-09-10 15:11

On September 8, China holds a meeting at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing to commend role models in the country's fight against the COVID-19 epidemic. Zhong Nanshan was awarded the Republic Medal, Zhang Boli, Zhang Dingyu, Chen Wei was awarded the people's heroes. President Xi Jinping said: there is no hero drop from the clouds, only the ordinary people who step forward bravely. And he also said: the majority of medical staff are the most beautiful angels and the most lovely people in the new era. Your name and achievements will not be forgotten by the country, the people and history, and will always be engraved on the monument of people’s Republic of China!


China has always been people-oriented, Only when the people are happy and healthy can the country be prosperous and strong. This is the basic common sense in the bones of the Chinese people in the 5000 year history .

 On the contrary, in some foreign capitalist countries, in order to fight for the first place in the world, they abandon lives and focus on improving the economy, which eventually leads to people's complaints and demonstrations. As the old saying goes: water can carry a boat and it can also capsize a boat. I'm afraid that this truth will never be understood by a capitalist country that has been relying on occupation and plunder. If the country can not be people-oriented, the people can not have a sense of belonging, that’s a terrible thing.


Similarly, Managing an enterprise must also be people-oriented, Recently, Kunshan Shishuo electronics factory threw the employee's ID on the ground at will, and the video of employees looking for their own ID card everywhere has aroused the public anger of netizens. Also born as human beings, what are the villains doing when the heroes are busy healing and saving people? Busy trampling on other people's dignity? When you throw someone else's ID on the ground, what you lose is not only the dignity of others, but also the qualification of being a human being. many employees have left their jobs for this reason. Even if some employees can forget it in order to survive, but it’s only temporary calm.

Everyone should be respected. A strong country can not survive without the efforts of people. In exactly the same way, The growth of an enterprise can not be separated from the hard work of every employee. The humanized management of the enterprise makes the staff have a sense of belonging, so that they are willing to take the enterprise as the home and develop together with the enterprise.


Commending role models in the country's fight against the COVID-19 epidemic this time, almost every team, every single person are hospital medical staff. Because of the impact of the new coronavirus, this era needs them to step forward. They are soldiers. Therefore, no matter what position, for the people, for the enterprise, for the family, for themselves, it is worthy of respect. There is no distinction between high and low posts, only people's hearts can be divided into high and low. And the reason why the people's hero can become a hero is because of his noble heart of making efforts to shine and make contributions in ordinary posts!


Doctors cure and save people, teachers teach and educate people. Doctors treat people pain on body, while teachers focus on the growth of students' minds. It's teacher's day on September 10. Here I wish every teacher who works in his ordinary position a happy Teacher's day. I also hope that every student can absorb the positive energy of the people's heroes and have a sense of mission - reading for the rise of China. The hero of the next era may be you!

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