75th Anniversary of Victory of the War Resistance against Japan —— Honoring the martyrs and paying tribute to ‘the Eight Hundred’

Release time:2020-09-03 14:47

The first major Chinese film to be released since the country’s theaters reopened just over a month ago, Eight Hundred, which has become the 20th 2 billion box office movie in Chinese film history and even the world's first single-region 2 billion film in 2020! In a global film industry downturn, Chinese audiences are lucky enough to go to the cinema orderly to enjoy the wonderful film, here we are all very grateful to our strong motherland, bring us a status full of peace and security, with Covid-19 raging around the world for so long, how many countries in the world can do the same as China? We clearly remembered at the first begining of this disaster, America called this tragedy caused by the virus is a beautiful unique scene of China. But the truth we learned is always to keep a heart of awe when facing disasters, otherwise you see, the America already reap the consequences. When can the American go back to the theaters, we don’t know. Of course, we also hope that day will come soon, maybe they can also enjoy this excellent film Eight Hundred !


 Near the end of the Battle of Shanghai during the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, Xie Jinyuan — deputy chief of the 524th Regiment, 88th Division of the Chinese army — was entrusted with the mission to lead more than 420 soldiers to stay in Zhabei district, in order to cover the major forces' retreat to the west. To mislead the Japanese enemy, Xie claimed he had 800 soldiers, thus making The Eight Hundred a respectable title kept for over eight decades to mark the war heroes.

Times have changed, Now China is Growing Stronger and stronger and the whole world can see, but our powerful is not by plundering and occupying others, and also never bully the weak because of our strength. we strive to build our own civilization with morality. Looking back at the United States, for example, when they saw China’s leading 5G technology, they began to suppress Huawei and illegally detained Huawei’s executive Ms. Meng Wanzhou, Even after two years, still cannot give a valid reason. “Facts speak louder than words, and people have a sense of natural justice” we do hope hope that the United States reflects on its own proble, Don’t let a so-called leader blind your eyes and make everything a joke.


The success of Eight Hundred is not accidental. Within 18 months, the crew built a replica of the warehouse, over 60 buildings, and dug a trench to introduce water from nearby Yangcheng Lake, turning it into a 200-meter-long "river", which is shown in the movie as a section of the Suzhou River. Entirely filmed with state-of-the-art IMAX cameras, the first time in China, the film was shot over 230 days in a location covering an area of more than 130,000 square meters in suburban Suzhou, Jiangsu province, between September 2017 and April 2018. Eight Hundred is different from the traditional heroism main melody movie, it does not deliberately exaggerate the heroism plot, but tells the story from a vivid image of small people. Such a story more truly shows the psychology of ordinary people, no one is a born hero, everyone has a time to be afraid, In the end, history has taught us that only by sacrificing the ego can we achieve the greater self.

Finally most insiders have high praise for this film. Here we must show our tribute to all the staff and actors.  The restoration of that incomparably real history, let us understand that today's good life is not easy, it deserve to be more treasured.


September 3, 2020, today is the 75th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese people's war of resistance against Japanese aggression. On this special day, we should pay tribute to the revolutionary ancestors who sacrificed their lives to defend the people's lives and national dignity with their blood, and finally obtained the victory of the revolution and the rise of China!


All the success is not accidental, all the victory is full of blood and tears, all rumors will stop in the wise. Remember history, never forget national humiliation, support peace, pay homage to revolutionary martyrs, immortal heroes, spirit forever!

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