Today, We all Masker!

Release time:2020-03-17 09:23

What are lovely people!

What is a great nation!

What is a strong country!

What is responsible government!

In 2019, several months, there is a place, there are a lot of young people, face masks, promote "freedom".

But their so-called "freedom" is to hurt the people around, hurt strangers and social orders.Their so-called "free" immersed in destruction!

Even in the world, there are many countries and regions, and famous people, still for their destruction Shouting, cheering and funding to them!

Time came to 2020, also has a place where people are all wearing a mask! When a lot of places all see them as enemies, they silently under, do not argue, do not explain.Because they know, wearing masks, can protect themselves, to protect family members, relatives and friends, protect the whole world.

Coincidentally, these two types of people with masks belong to the same country!Because of historical reasons, they have different ideas!

The saboteurs forgot their ethnic species!The recipient inherited the great love of the nation!

And now, as the world realizes the seriousness of the situation, the recipients are once again going out and sharing their experiences and ideas for protecting themselves, their families, and the world.

This is a nation with thousands years of official history! We call her -- China!

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